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FCPS and cps admission 2024

CPS Admission 2024

How to take CPS Admission 2024?

Well CPS stands for college of Physicians and surgeons. Established in 1912. The CPS course is a substitute for MD MS courses in India. Let us discuss some facts about cps admission 2024. we will elaborate on some basic concepts of CPS Admission 2024.For Cps and FCPS Admission call 7406337778.


  1. CPS course is a Diploma Degree.
  2. Fellowship in CPS is a Master’s degree for 3 Years.
  3. The Cps course is an MCI Recognized course in the Following States:-
  • Maharashtra
  • Odisha
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Karnataka
  • Tripura
  • Jharkhand
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Dadar and Nagar Haveli.
  • Chattisgarh

Lastly, I want to make this clear that CPS and FCPS Courses hold the same reputation as of MD MS PG Medical courses.

What are the MCI Recognized courses for CPS and FCPS Admission 2024 in all over India?

  1. DGO:- Diploma in Gynecology.
  2. Diploma in Child Health (Diploma pediatrics).
  3. D.path:- Diploma in Pathology.

CPS started in 1912, under sir w. wellington is one of the oldest Postgraduate medical degrees in India. CPS is an autonomous body governed.  constitutionally by elected 24 members (faculties of different specialties) with strong democratic traditions. For Cps and FCPS Admission call 7406337778.

What are The 10 MCI Recognized Courses under the College of Physicians and surgeons?

  1. FCPS in Medicine.
  2. FCPS in Dermatology.
  3. FCPS in Gynecology
  4. FCPS in Surgery
  5. FCPS in Pathology
  6. FCPS in Opthalmology
  7. MCPS
  8. DCH
  9. DGO
  10. DPB (Pathology)

Note:- Thus, These 10 courses are MCI recognized in all India. These 10 CPS courses gave the same evaluation to doctors as of Doctor pursuing MD MS PG medical courses in India. Also, The course fees of CPS and FCPS courses are also very less compared to MD MS pg Diploma courses in India.

Top Colleges for CPS and FCPS Admission.

Now I will be presenting The list of some top colleges for CPS Admission 2024.

  1. King Edward Medical College Mumbai.
  2. King Edward Medical College Pune.
  3. Prince Ali Khan Mumbai.
  4. Jupiter Mumbai.
  5. Wadia Trust Ruby Hall Clinic.
  6. KJ Soumaiya Medical College Mumbai
  7. Terna Medical College, Mumbai
  8. KAMAT Hospital.
  9. MGM Aurangabad.
  10. Vino Bhave, Silwasa dadar and Nagar Haveli.

What are the MCI Recognized Branches For FCPS nad CPS Admission 2024?

Any Candidate who pursues these courses are eligible to practice all over India as per MCI Guidelines.

  • DCH
  • DPB
  • DGO
  • FCPS (Gynecology)
  • FCPS(Surgery)
  • FCPS (Medicine)
  • FCPS (Surgery)
  • FCPS (Dermat)
  • FCPS (Pathology)
  • MCPS

There are 10 fellowships and 39 Diploma program as of total in CPS. There are a total of 125 accredited medical institutions including government medical college, Semi-government, and Private Medical colleges that are eligible by the UGC Act to provide education of cps and cps courses. Similarly, there 20 institutions in Gujarat accredited to provide medical education in cps and cps streams. Get CPS Admission 2024.

What is The Fees Structure For FCPS and CPS Admission 2024?

Dear Doctors,

There are two types of Fee Structure in CPS and FCPS courses:-

  1. CPS Courses:-
  • The Fees in Merit QUOTA is:- Rs 4,50,000 per Year.
  • The Fee for CPS in Management quota is:- Rs 9,00,000 Per Year.

     2. FCPS Courses:-

  • The Fees For FCPS Courses through Merit Quota is:- 6,50,000 per Year.
  • The Fees For FCPS Courses through Management quota is:- 13,00,000 Per Year.

Note:- During the admission A candidate may get the fee structure either of management quota or Merit quota. That’s all for now for FCPS and CPS Admission call:- 7406337778 .

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