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NEET eligibility criteria 2024 MBBS admission

Neet eligibility criteria 2024 mbbs

Neet eligibility criteria 2024 mbbs

Hello, friends as you all know The Indian government has introduced NEET  exam as compulsory criteria to carry on medical courses in India. today I am going to discuss NEET eligibility criteria 2024 MBBS. For MD/MS and MBBS Admission call +91-7406337778

As per honorable supreme court of India if the student wants to pursue MBBS or PG medical course in India. They have to at least clear the NEET Eligibility cut off.Theneet Cutt off marks is also the eligibilty marks. This year the eligibility marks for MD ms admission through management quota was 705, out of 1440. Last year that is in 2016theneet eligibility marks was 145 out of 720. Now what is NEET eligibility criteria 2024 MBBS?

Direct admission in MBBS MD MS criteria under NEET

so all of the above discussions the conclusion:-

  • you can only get a medical seat whether it is an MD MS seat or MBBS seat if you pass the eligibility criteria/cut off marks of the neet.
  • Direct admission in MD/MS or MBBS through management quota is only possible if the medical aspirants qualify the NEET exam with the minimum cut off marks.for md/ms and mbbs admission through management quota call +91-7406337778.
  • If the medical aspirant scores well in NEET he/she can get MD/MS Admission or MBBS admission through state counseling or centralized counseling.
  • If the medical aspirants can not score anyhow the desired marks to be eligible for state counseling. Do not worry.
  • if you have crossed the eligibility cut off marks of NEET, We can get you all seats for MD/MS and MBBS through management quota.for md/ms and mbbs admission through management quota call +91-7406337778.
  • We help you all to find suitable colleges of MD/MS and MBBS according to your budget.
  • you can rely on us we have most transparent gateways. For md/ms and mbbs admission through management quota call +91-7406337778.

best wishes and regards,

Parijat preetam +91-7406337778

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