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MD/MS PG medical admission last chance for 2015-16

Golden opportunity for all doctors who are seeking admission in PG medical courses for 2015.

Dear doctors,

My warmest regards to all of you,today i am writing this post to draw your attention on a serious update given by the medical council of India (MCI).B.PKoirala institute of health sciences and Institute of medicine (IOM) are the two first foreign medical colleges to accredited by Medical council of india(MCI).

Postgraduate programs (MD, MS, and MSc) were started in 1999. All the MD, MS, MDS, MSc and MPH degrees awarded by BPKIHS are recognized by Nepal Medical Council and respective councils of Nepal. The MD/MS degrees(anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology & therapeutics,dermatovenerology, ENT, internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiodiagnosis, and surgery) are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI). Similarly, there is continued effort for getting MCI recognition of other disciplines as well. While selecting candidates for MD/MS/MDS postgraduate studies, the institute has given due recognition to the medical graduates who have served in the primary health centers and /or district hospitals.

After completion of post graduation medical courses from these two colleges,students will not have to take the Indian screen test,to start practicing their doctorate in India.B.P Koirala institute of health sciences is managed by AIIMS,New Delhi(India).

For Admission inquiries and doubts you all can contact me,wishing you all the best.


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