MBBS exam tips

  • Since the syllabus is vast,always try to consider short goals,take baby steps.
  • Don’t plan too much for advance preparation, build a target on a daily basis or a weekly basis.Check your progress at the end week by taking a 2-3 hour mock test.
  • Do not buy lots of books, Do concentrate on NCERT books. You can take 1 or 2 referral books for numerical and other analytical problems.Set realistic goals,that you can complete on a daily basis according to your potential.
  • Firstly,before going to the depth of any topic,clear your fundamentals.Give equal weightage to physics,chemistry and biology.Study them on a daily basis.
  • If you are not clear with any topic,please don’t waste time in hesitating,ask your mentors,teachers and friends.
  • Take time in clearing each fundamentals,don’t skip anything for tomorrow,if you have to study only for 1 hour/day, then do utilize this time by focussing fully on studies.
  • With every passing week,concentrate on revising part,allocate 1 day completely for revising the syllabus that you have completed  in a given week.Remember it’s a marathon not a 100 meter race.
  • If you are doing 15 mins of theory then you should at least give 30 mins to numerical and analytical parts.
  • For the first time complete each subject course book in given indexed manner,after that for revision purposes,you can choose any chapter from the middle or the end.
  • Make a complete concrete time table,stick to it,don’t skip it anyhow,complete your set goals, every day.
  • Start revising your syllabus 2 months before the exam month.


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